Let’s Dance 2020

“Let’s Dance, a celebration of dance and physical activity for young people across the city.”

What is it?

Firstly I would like to say a warm welcome to everyone involved in Let’s Dance 2020 at the Birmingham Hippodrome and thank you for entering.

We are delighted to announce that all 21 slots are now taken with a wide variety of schools and colleges taking part.

Volunteers Wanted:

We are looking for volunteers aged 16 upwards to help support the event as backstage runners and help with looking after the schools taking part. If you are interested and would like to find out more details please contact Jo Wait.

Below are some details about the event for schools taking part.

  1.  The event will be held at the Birmingham Hippodrome on Monday 30th March. The show will begin at 7.pm and we hope to finish by 9.30pm.
  2. The second half performers will watch the first half from the auditorium and we will swap over during the 30 minute interval so that the 1st half performers can watch the second half of the show. Please encourage parents to stay for the whole show for the sake of 2nd half performers.
  3. MAX 32 performers per school
  4. Teachers to chaperone all students with the correct ratio for the age of the performer.
  5. At the end of the night, schools will be cleared in a specific order with the youngest leaving first where possible (more details to follow)
  6. Shoes – all performers must wear shoes of some kind, no bare feet please
  7. Hand props are fine but no furniture please
  8. Costumes are wonderful but no confetti or glitter to be thrown please
  9. Tickets will go on Sale at the beginning of December (more details to follow). Performers and teachers are not expected to purchase tickets for their half in the auditorium but please only bring the essential amount of staff as chaperones.
  10. Rehearsals will take place throughout the day beginning at 8.40am with each school having a 20 minute slot on the stage to run through their piece and for us to be able to check the lighting and sound for each dance. We endeavour to run through each piece twice but if we are short on time then it may not always be possible. If you are performing in the second half you can leave costumes in the dressing rooms after your rehearsals, clearly labelled with your school name. Schools should arrive at least 15min before rehearsal time (More details to follow). If you are rehearsing in the morning/afternoon you are welcome to stay and watch the rehearsals for the rest of the morning/afternoon. A rehearsal slot will be sent to you in the next few weeks.
  11. There will be an important meeting on 21st January at 4.00pm at City Academy. Please ensure a representative is present for this meeting.
  12. Stage- 12M wide, 10M Deep All performers to enter stage left (on the right as you face the stage from the audience) and all to exit stage right taking any hand props with them. We have to have a one way system due to large numbers.
  13. Meeting point – please arrange a meeting point to gather your children from parents/carers on the night and let me know in advance in case parents come to the stage door asking to drop off children. We won’t be able to receive individual children, all schools/groups will enter in the evening via the stage door once ALL performers have arrived and will be escorted into the building together.
  14. Printed Programme – There will be a printed programme of the event which will be sold for £2 on the day. We are working on getting advertising to fund this so if you have any contacts/parents or suppliers that you think might like to advertise, please pass on my details and I would be happy to organise this with them.

What I will need from you:

  • 7th December – Music choice – Song name, performed by. This is so I can get the performing rights paid for. Please be aware that it is possible two schools may choose the same song, I am not always able to schedule the show with them in different halves, it all depends on when I am notified about the choice!
  • 12th December – Tickets go on sale. Please promote the event to families, friends and staff, the only way to make this a great success and sustainable for years to come is to sell tickets. So please do all that you can to help with this.
  • January date TBC – some schools will need licences for the children performing, I will let each school know how and when to do this before you break up for Christmas and support you in the process.
  • 24th January – names of performers/teacher/helpers for the printed programme
  • 3rd February – Risk assessments – you are responsible for doing your own risk assessments for the day, I will complete an overall event risk assessment for the Hippodrome.
  • 14th February – Music Mp3 format submitted- must be no longer than 4 minutes MAX (no profanities), and must be sent to me via dropbox or we transfer in Mp3 format. It is always worth bringing the music on a memory stick on the day in case of emergencies. Please edit your music to the correct length in advance. Please note that if you purchased your music from iTunes and email it I won’t be able to open it.
  • 21st February – photography consent form. I will need you to get consent from each parent/carer of the performer and then email me one signed consent form stating that you have all the permission slips. Please see forms below under Latest News.
  • 30th March– fire register to be handed in on arrival for your rehearsal but do send it in advance if possible. List of all people attending on the day/night.

Please let me know of any wheelchair access needed for performers, if needed for audience members please let the box office know when tickets are purchased.

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Telephone: 07866272711 | Email: jowait17@gmail.com