“Without Geography, You’re nowhere.”


Mr.Hetherington BA (Hons) Geography, MA Education – Head of Humanities

Ms. Ahmed – Humanities Teacher


Course Overview:

OCR Geography -B. Geography for Enquiring Minds (J384)



Geography topics for years 7 and 8 focus on providing a thorough introduction to the subject, beginning with key skills that are essential for study, then leading to lessons that provide elements awe and wonder.  It is through such engaging lessons that students build their analytical skills and appreciation of this broad subject, before choosing their GCSE options for year 9.

Topics include:

  • Making connections (Introduction to Geography skills)
  • Difficult environments
  • Brazil
  • Geography of sport
  • Conflict
  • Natural Hazards
  • Unimaginable places



This course covers both human and physical Geography, as well as two fieldwork opportunities for students to practise their practical skills during investigations of the processes that shape our world.  The course content is designed to engage students with contemporary case studies and the surrounding debates that inspire those students with a thirst for knowledge to explore exactly why the modern world is the way it is

Topics include:

  • Global Hazards
  • Urban Futures
  • Distinctive Landscapes
  • UK in the 21st Century
  • Changing Climate
  • Dynamic Development
  • Sustaining Ecosystems
  • Resource Reliance
  • Fieldwork



All students are encouraged to join the Humanities Documentaries Society, where they can choose from a wide variety of wildlife, environmental and natural history documentaries that are linked to their exam specification.  This improves wider case study knowledge and provides a small community of like-minded students with a forum to discuss their shared interests.


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