Stay connected 

  • Continue to connect with the school community and continue curriculum at home.
  • Office 365 provides the same opportunity to work onscreen to connect with Teachers.
  • Remain connected with Teachers and Support Staff. Responses and regular contact will provide continued safeguarding and curriculum.
  • Education to continue. Delivering a CORE Education means we equip students and staff to connect online for every subject.

Parent communication:

Mental Health & Wellbeing:


City Academy will be delivering LIVE lessons to students.

Lessons will be delivered through Microsoft Teams.

Information on how to access Microsoft applications can be found here.

Students have been added to their classes on Teams and they should follow the timetable below where possible. Students should work through and complete the ‘assignment’ during the lesson, where a subject teacher will be on hand to guide and support.

If a student is unable to ‘attend’ a lesson, it is expected that they still complete the assignment in their own time and submit.